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 In The Spotlight - 28 June 2015

Verse of the Week

Rest in YAHWEH and wait patiently for Him; inflame not yourself with him who prospers in his way with the man practicing evil wiles. (Psalms 37:7)

Thought for the Week

           Today has been one of the saddest days of my life. The people of the US have been betrayed by every branch of their Government. The Republic of the United States of America is no more. She did not die in battle. No foreign foe subdued her. Like a giant oak that slowly decays from a rot from within She has died from cancers from within. The Government of the Republic is no more. A traitor and a tyrant occupies the White House, Congress is full of liars, cowards, and thieves; and, the last vestige of hope in the Government died today when the supreme court showed it too will no longer followed the Constitution.

I am a veteran of the US Navy and the US Army; yet, from this day forward I will never again fly the flag of the US. I will not salute the flag of the US. I feel nothing but disgust for the Godless nature of my formerly beloved country. I will never again ask YHWH to bless the US. It has become the evil the world accuses her of being.

I pray now that YHWH will send a cleansing. The Republic is no more and too many of her people are too prideful and sinful to repent, but, there are still those among her people who do stand against evil. Though our voices have been drowned out by the evil ones among us our faith is still strong - not in the Republic, but in YHWH.

I wonder how long I will be allowed to run this website. Will GoDaddy or Goggle revoke my access for my content or will l have a knock on my door from Satan’s minions? - Perhaps both. Only time will tell. May His will be done.

The end is fast approaching - if not of this evil world then at least of this evil nation. While I mourn the loss of our Republic I mourn most for all the lost souls that are taking Her down with their arrogant evil. To my Brothers and Sisters in YHWH - we, just as Jesus was, are soon to be treated as criminals for our service to YHWH. I will see you in prison, or perhaps somewhere along the line of the Underground we will create. May YHWH keep you in His love and His mercy. Stay strong. Keep the faith. Satan and his minions may persecute our bodies but not even Satan himself can touch the souls of YHWH’s faithful.

Quote of the Week

The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything. -- Albert Einstein

Comment: Einstein, like Burke, gives too much credit to their fellow humans. Jesus himself told us many are called but few chosen. Jesus also warned us that the evil we see today would come before His return.       


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