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 In The Spotlight - 24 May 2015

Verse of the Week

And now we are calling blessed both the doers of wickedness built up and they that test God and escape.

(Malachi 3:15)

Thought for the Week

     The US Government is constantly downplaying the threat of Islamic terrorism within the US itself. In a way they may have a point, if not a reason. Many Muslims do not hate Americans per say as much as they hate our "way of life"; and, at the rate things are going by the time the Muslims get around to trying to seriously attack the US it will no longer have that "way of life".

     Under Muslim rule Americans would learn that the old adage about only death and taxes being the only certain things is not true. Muslims offer a third choice. You can die, pay an infidel tax, or become Muslim. Though many Americans still give lip service to being Christian it is safe to say that few would actually stand up for YHWH against a Muslim Government. They are already supporting an anti-YHWH tyrannical government anyway.

     Most left wing liberals would not fight because, well, without the force of law behind them most of them are cowards - like children on a playground they love to threaten you with their Big Brother. Strange how they demand enforcement of laws they wish to force on others but despise law enforcement officers.

     Of course some left wing liberals might fight. The LGBT mafia may fight tooth and nail - but not for YHWH. They would fight because the Muslims, rightly, will not tolerate the perversions of the LGBT.

     Obviously the members of the group "Islamic Nation" would not fight - though they are in for a rude awakening. The Islamic Nation is largely comprised of individuals of African descent. If they have felt like second class citizens in the past just wait - the Arab Muslims already despise and slaughter African Muslims on a regular basis.

     The only way the people of the US can defend against the Muslimization of America is to first defeat the tyrants it already has; and, since every group already mentioned is supporting the current tyrants the outlook is dire indeed.

     For the centrists (e.g. RINO’s) it will be an interesting event for many. Muslims are not anti-business so the willingness to fight for many will be based on a combination of how high the tax versus how high the profit. It could be just another day for those that prize law & order over freedom - most folks like that are already selling their freedoms for so called security.

     Since the Government employs more people than any other company a large part of them may see little change other than who signs their paycheck. Those in power will go along to get along - as long as they are still in power.

     Of course some of us would try to resist; but, the current tyrants are already doing their best to weaken, even eliminate, any potential for resistance - out of fear of losing their own tyrannical control. Slave owners do not like slaves with guns. In fact they fear slaves owning anything that cannot be regulated, controlled, or easily taken away, not just freedom but even essentials like shelter, food, etc.

     But hey, do not worry about that siren you hear - like artillery rounds it is not the one you hear you should fear. In the daylight laws are quietly passed; and, at night the lawmakers hide and send out their silent SWAT teams.

Quote of the Week

Americans are so enamored of equality they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.

- Alexis de Tocqueville


He made this comment several hundred years ago - one can only imagine what he would say now.

Did You Know

     When the UN divide up Palestine 18% went to the Jews (to form Israel) and 82% went to the Arabs. Comment: Most Arabs countries (e.g. Jordan), after losing several wars with Israel, began refusing to allow residency to any Arab calling himself a Palestinian. Instead they began pushing the UN to force Israel to surrender more of what little land it has to the "Palestinian" Arabs.

     The Hebraic Roots Bible (HRB) has the word "Hamas" listed 14 times - it essentially represents unjust/cruel violence. If you do not have a HRB try Strong’s word number 2555 - the word "châmâs". Comment: The US, with money borrowed against the taxpayers, is supporting both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (the new PLO) - both of which are terrorist organizations that have sworn to annihilate Israel and all Jews.

     The US Government is allowing sharia law courts in the US. Comment: Why does the Government allow Sharia Law courts in the US but Christian and Jewish Courts are banned? Is "separate but equal" making a comeback?

     They say a Muslim male in Paradise gets 70 virgins. Comment: Is Hell for a Muslim male the same except he has permanent ED? What does a female Muslim get in Paradise - the permission to say no?

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