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 In The Spotlight - 13 APR 14  

Thought for the Week: 

I recently saw a news program on a book called The Sober Truth. The main focus of the program was on the fact that AA and programs like it only have about a 1 in 15 success rate - and why hardly anybody knows about this dismal failure. I formerly worked in the field of psychology as a “behavioral specialist” with emphasis on youth. Having worked in areas ranging from “tough love” programs like Boy’s Ranch to assistance programs like Crossroad’s youth crisis centers I can vouch from firsthand experience for facts the program presented on the failure rates of secular programs.

As to why the high failure rate is so unknown I would point to two factors - one spiritual and one secular. First, Satan loves human weakness and failure and will always try to prevent people overcoming their weaknesses; and, if he can he will always direct them to a path that ensures his victory and not theirs. I have written on this before concerning AA. Folks should always remember that satan too is a higher power; but, YHWH our Creator is the highest power. The more people count on AA type programs instead of on YHWH the happier satan is. Satan is AA’s biggest supporter. Second, AA and programs like it are a huge financial boon to many industries. Many of these industries are built around, and dependent on, court enforced treatment centers. The focus is on getting your money - not getting you better.

          So don’t count on AA and the like from going away any time soon. They have the support of satan, the backing of big money, and often the unconstitutional use of government force behind them. Don’t count on those programs doing you any lasting good either. If you need help try finding someone who will hit their knees in prayer with you instead of someone who wants to hit your wallet. This includes so called “christian based” programs that still want your money, your insurance, or your information for a government subsidy.

Jesus warned us that discipleship will cost us; but, the love of YHWH does not come with a financial price tag and you can’t have an insurance company or a government pay the cost for you. Repent, love, honor, and obey.

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