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 In The Spotlight - 1 MAR 2015

Verse of the Week

And it shall be, if you shall forget YHWH your God, and walk after other gods, and serve them, and worship them, I testify against you today that you shall utterly perish; as the nations that YHWH makes to perish before you, so you shall perish; because you did not listen to the voice of YHWH your God.

(Deuteronomy 8:19-20)

Thought for the Week

          I think few today ever ponder why freedom is such an important issue for the followers of YHWH. No matter what government you live under one thing is sure - it is each of us alone who will stand before our Creator to answer for ourselves on Judgment Day. Kings may have been replaced, in the US, by presidents; but, we know that YHWH, by the history of his chosen people, prefers that we follow Him and no other man or group of men. Manmade laws are no substitute for individual responsibility before our Creator so for those that truly follow YHWH manmade law is relevant only when compatible with YHWH’s law. Scholars tell us that manmade laws are part of the social contract we share with each other; but, since we cannot chose where or into what era we are born it is a contract made under duress and therefore, by the laws of man, an invalid contract. Only among a people free to choose can any such social contact hope to have validity.

          Man, as a social creature, learned long ago that morality cannot be enforced by law. In this era of decadence Man will learn that tolerance for immorality cannot be legislated either. YHWH created us with freewill. He knows that we will either choose the path of righteousness out of love for Him or we will reject Him. It is a matter of internalization - not the fear of external force. His laws do not make one righteous - they only indicate to us the difference in the hearts of those who commit righteous and unrighteous actions. Unlike mortal judges He alone can see into our hearts and tell what truly motivates us.

          Jesus made it quite clear that ritual compliance for fear of punishment was not good enough. He also said he came not to abolish the law but to fulfill it. We know by his example that it is obedience to YHWH’s law from love, and not fear of punishment, that YHWH finds acceptable. On the other hand, manmade law, whether from a king, a president, or tyrant, depends on fear of punishment. But no matter the punishment no true follower of YHWH would ever surrender control of his behavior over to another man because they know it is as individuals that they will be held accountable by YHWH.

No manmade law, even when backed by the use of force, can make accepting, encouraging, or assisting in the practice of the abominations of homosexuality or abortion a righteous action before YHWH. YHWH, not man, grants us each the individual right to practice sin or righteousness. If one chooses to sin they have the right/freedom to do so; and, if one chooses to be righteous they have also the right/freedom to do so! Man has no right to take away the freedoms YHWH has granted! The “Founding Fathers” held that truth to be self-evident! I have no right to force you to act morally AND you have no right to force me to act immorally.

          History has shown that only a free and moral people could ever live peacefully together in a society which focuses its laws not on the behavior of the people but on the government instead. Such was the intention of the “Great Experiment” by the “Founding Fathers” when they restricted the US Government by penning the Constitution of the United States. The government has no right to force you to participate in a Christian activity of any kind (i.e. wedding) AND the government has no right to force me to participate in a homosexual activity of any kind (i.e. civil union/wedding). Sadly the Constitution is now largely ignored, having been replaced by a “rule of law” based upon the precedents and opinions of unelected officials. As a result, as a people, the citizens of the US are no longer free enough or moral enough to continue the experiment. It is failing.

          Domestic issues are too numerous to list here but examples even abound in the foreign policy of the US. Where once the US claimed to champion freedom from oppression (think fascism, communism) it now champions murderers (think PLO, Hezbollah, etc) as long as the murdered are Jews or Christians; but, it steps in when the murdered are Muslims (think Kuwait). When the murdered are a mix of the followers of YHWH and Muslims (think ISIS, etc) the US policy is as flaccid as the current leadership  - Obama must be having trouble figuring out how to save the Muslims without helping anyone else. Just as bad is the hypocritical practice of chastising China for its population control measures while enriching the Chinese government and allowing millions of its own US citizens to be murdered by similar population control methods (think abortion).

          Between the traitors and the cowards in all three branches of the US Government one can safely say the “Great Experiment” is failing. The eagle has not landed but we are not free to remove our seatbelts or move about the cabin because the eagle is about to crash and burn. Most Americans will blindly follow orders and die in the safe position - with their heads down and tucked between their legs. Me, I am a former paratrooper and a follower of YHWH - I will keep my eyes on the horizon and die on my feet. What say you?

Quote of the Week

If we mean to have those appointed to public offices who are sincere friends to religion, we, the people who appoint them, must take care to choose such characters . . . -- Oliver Ellsworth, member of the Continental Congress and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (1796-1800)

Comment: This obviously has not been done for far too long. Tumors of evil have infected the body of the US. They are malignant. If not radically removed, and soon, the case will be terminal.


Did You Know

The United States got impeachment of leaders from the Iroquois Nation.

Comment: It is a practice that is long overdue in being exercised!

The first book printed in what would become the USA, while it was still made up of colonies, was “The Whole Booke of Psalms Faithfully Translated Into English Metre”.

          Obama, in Oregon in 2008, said, “I have now been in 57 states – one left to go”?

Comment: Does Kenya have 58 states? Then again he also said, “There is no POTUS

without TOTUS” (a teleprompter).

“SOS” has been translated as “Save Our Souls” or “Save Our Ship”. Another traditional distress call for help is “CQD” which is translated as “Come Quickly, Distress”.

 “In God We Trust” was first minted on a coin in 1864 - a two-cent piece.

Fingerprints, like DNA, are believed to be specific to the individual person. An average three month-old fetus already has distinct DNA and a distinctive set of prints.

Comment: Abortion is the only form of murder that routinely has two murderers - the mother and the medical malpracticianer. (Do not doctors take an oath to “first do no harm”?)


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