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Your Headquarters for Christian News! The new One Stop Spot for Christian News from around the world. Access to over five dozen plus News feeds onthis website . . . and more!

NOTE: More feeds are in their respective specialized category - i.e. Parents & Kids has over a half dozen feeds for daily info of concern to parents, Apologetics has over a dozen daily feeds for that field of study, Entertainment has almost a dozen, and Ethics has a few. Misc 4 Now has several specific to womens' concerns, etc. etc. The Extras on this page also has almost a dozen misc news feeds/links.

NOTE: These are Syndicated News Feeds that may take a few seconds to load.

Answers In Genesis - Daily update for Apologetics --

Amercian Family Association --

Charisma Magazine --

Christian Broadcasting Network --

Christian Century Magazine ---

Christian Examiner --

Christian Institute --

Christian News Network --

Christian Post --

Christian Telegragh --

Christian Today --

Christianity Today --

Christian Wire News --

Citizen Link - Feed is intermittent right now. A Focus on the Family Affiliate  - Direct LINK

CNS News

Gospel Hearld - 10 different Feeds -

Mission News Network --

NewsMax  - 5 different Feeds --

One News Now --

Pew Forum --

Prophecy News

Religion News Service

Religion Today - 3 different Feeds -

Voice of the Martyrs - Persecution Newsroom --

WND - 8 different Feeds --  

World Watch Monitor -- Compass Direct News --  

Worthy News --


Note - Many other News Feeds are in their respective categories - i.e. Parenting, Entertainment, etc.

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